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PackRite 手動旋轉封口機PackRite Hand Rotary SealerPackRite F和G型旋轉式袋封口機是手持式非電動裝置,專門用于密封大體積或大型支撐的Mil-Spec材料。不適用于聚乙烯。用手將材料連續不斷地送入封口機,以形成長密封或圍繞異型產品密封。它可以以每分鐘30英尺的速度進行1英寸寬的密封。提供平面密封(F型),帶特氟龍涂層的平面密封(FT型)或雙槽密封(G型)。密封條的溫度是恒溫控制的,最高熱量可達550¢XF。PackRite旋轉袋封口機還可與可選的C...

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PACKRITE Automatic Jaw SealerPACKRITE自動下顎封口機VERSATILE MOTORIZED HEAT-SEALINGPackRite?Thermo Motor Jaw Sealer?PackRite?Poly Motor Jaw SealerWhen you need one machine to process both single packages and up to 30 items per minute with the same reliable seal, look no further than PackRite’s Automatic Jaw Sealer. Providing either continuous-feed or intermittent stop/start sealing via foot pedal, this compact unit guarantees uniformity via automatic dwell time and pressure control for safe, consistent, and long-lasting seals. Available in two models.SPACE-SAVINGWhen space is limited, this compact sealer fits the bill. Taking up just 7 in. by 11.5 in. of bench space, the PackRite automatic jaw sealer sits just 10 in. high when open. This small-footprint sealer can also be mounted at a 30-degree incline to take up even less space or to provide a more ergonomic sealing experience for operators.FLEXIBLEWith both foot-pedal and automatic operation as well as dual mounting options, this flexible-use jaw sealer accommodates a variety of unsupported films up to 6 mil in thickness. With dwell control, this range can be extended even further while continuing to maintain seal integrity excellence and instant package-release.INTUITIVEIn whatever operating mode you choose, PackRite’s Automatic Jaw Sealer is simple and easy to use. Requiring little training time, this dependable, robust unit can be up and running immediately after installation to provide fast, efficient, and versatile sealing.?MODEL VERSIONSThermo Motor Jaw SealerPoly Motor Jaw SealerRecommended ForBarrier materialPoly laminates & polyethyleneSealing CapacityKraft; foils; polypropylene; cellophane;MIL-SPEC materialPolyethylene and other unsupportedfilmsSeal ImpressionsHorizontal crimp; flat seal;vertical crimpFlat sealSeal Width1 in. *optional widths quoted on request0.125 in.; 0.375 in.Seal Length15 in.15 in.; 19 in.Weight37 lbs.27 lbs.Fit in to Bench Space7 x 11.2 in.7 x 7.25 in.Accessories (Optional)Universal Sealer Stand (powder coated metal stand); nonstick coated cover (used with flat seal only. Will give smoother seals on foils and some mil spec materials.Incline mounting base (30 degrees angled toward operator); universal sealer stand (powder coated metal stand).SHARED SPECIFICATIONSSealing Speed30 bags/minute (automatic cycling); 15 bags/minute (normal operation)Temperature RangeUp to 550 oFElectrical Voltage115 V (standard)Frequency60 cyclePhase1

PackRite 手動旋轉封口機

PackRite 手動旋轉封口機PackRite Hand Rotary SealerPackRite F和G型旋轉式袋封口機是手持式非電動裝置,專門用于密封大體積或大型支撐的Mil-Spec材料。不適用于聚乙烯。用手將材料連續不斷地送入封口機,以形成長密封或圍繞異型產品密封。它可以以每分鐘30英尺的速度進行1英寸寬的密封。提供平面密封(F型),帶特氟龍涂層的平面密封(FT型)或雙槽密封(G型)。密封條的溫度是恒溫控制的,最高熱量可達550¢XF。PackRite旋轉袋封口機還可與可選的CE認可的220VAC電氣一起使用。自動封口機不工作時如果您需要要求防潮,防潮外殼的各種笨重的異型包裝或產品,那么我們的手動旋轉熱封機是您的最佳選擇。這款堅固耐用的便攜式封口機可滿足您最嚴苛的在職包裝挑戰,可實現連續封口,并符合包括美國國防部MIL-SPEC標準在內的嚴格行業法規。方便便攜性使PackRite的手動旋轉封口機成為當今市場上最快,最易于使用的封口機之一。通過將便攜性與靈活的使用和速度相結合,當在制造和包裝過程中處理大型,笨重或獨特的物品時,我們的手動旋轉熱封機將成為您的首選工具。防錯軍事,政府和海外包裝商所遇到的異常問題要求在更多常規應用中具有相同水平的處理效率和準確性。PackRite手動旋轉封口機可以快速完成接頭和厚重的重疊,即使在困難的操作條件下也可以提供高質量,氣密的密封。強大的僅僅因為它是便攜式的并不意味著它脆弱。PackRite手動旋轉式封口機可承受重型層壓板,鋁箔和MIL-SPEC材料。在較輕的材料上,它的密封速度高達每分鐘400英寸技術指標技術指標推薦給大而不規則的包裝密封封口能力MIL-SPEC;箔 牛皮紙封口寬度1英寸封口長度無限的密封印痕:F型-扁平;G型-珠和凹槽最高 封口速度(在較輕的材料上)400英寸/分鐘重量7磅溫度范圍最高550oF電電壓115 V(標準); 230 V(可選)頻率50/60赫茲相1個訂貨信息:HRSL0011000 F型手動旋轉式封口機-平封HRSL0012000 G型手動旋轉封口機-開槽式封口HRSL0013000 FT型手動旋轉封口機-特氟龍涂層平封HRSL0014000 GT型手動旋轉封口機-帶聚四氟乙烯涂層的溝槽式密封HRSL00210CE F型手動旋轉式封口機-平面封口-230VAC電氣HRSL00220CE G型手動旋轉式封口機-溝槽式密封-230VAC電氣

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