Ralston 壓力儀表

美國Ralston儀器 Quick-test 臺式閥組Ralston Instruments Quick-test Benchtop ManifoldsMF2S-QM-QM-PL 兩通閥組帶Quick-test連接, 5000 psi/350 bar, 316不銹鋼MF4S-QM-QM-PL 四通閥組帶Quick-test連接, 5000 psi/350 bar, 316不銹鋼美國Ralston儀器 Quick-test XT 臺式閥組Quick-test XT Benchtop Ma...

Ralston Instruments真空氣缸手泵

Ralston Instruments真空氣缸手泵Vacuum Cylinder Hand Pumps產生真空用于校準真空設備Generate vacuum to calibrate vacuum devices in the field型號壓力范圍接口1壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭DV0V-0000無外螺紋Quick-test 出口, 沒有止回閥, 銅無無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTRalston Instruments真空氣缸手泵帶壓力表接口Vacuum Cylinder Hand Pumps with Gauge ConnectionPull a vacuum and calibrate vacuum gauges, transmitters or switches by attaching a gauge or pressure calibrator (gauge and calibrator not included)型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭DV0V-1MBA無1/8"外螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDV0V-2MBA無1/4"外螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDV0V-2FBA無1/4"內螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDV0V-2FBA-RG無1/4"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPPDV0V-3FBA-RG無3/8"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPPDV0V-4FBA-RG無1/2"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPPRalston Instruments真空氣缸手泵校準套件 Vacuum Cylinder Hand Pumps Full Calibration KitsCreate a vacuum and calibrate pressure devices with included vacuum pump and vacuum gauge型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭DV0V-30HG-M無1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDV0V-30HG-D無1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPT

Ralston Instruments氣缸手泵Pneumatic Cylinder Hand Pumps

Ralston Instruments氣缸手泵Pneumatic Cylinder Hand Pumps型號壓力范圍接口1壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭DP0V-00000-125PSI外螺紋Quick-test 出口, 沒有止回閥, 銅無無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTRalston Instruments氣缸手泵帶壓力表接口Pneumatic Cylinder Hand Pumps with Gauge Connection型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭DP0V-1MBA0-125PSI1/8"外螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDP0V-2MBA0-125PSI1/4"外螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDP0V-2FBA0-125PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDP0V-2FBA-RG0-125PSI1/4"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPPDP0V-3FBA-RG0-125PSI3/8"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPPDP0V-4FBA-RG0-125PSI1/2"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPPRalston Instruments氣缸手泵校準套件Pneumatic Cylinder Hand Pumps Full Calibration Kits型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭DP0V-15PSIG-M0-15PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDP0V-15PSIG-D0-15PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDP0V-30PSIG-M0-30PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDP0V-30PSIG-D0-30PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDP0V-100PSIG-M0-100PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDP0V-100PSIG-D0-100PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPT

Ralston Instruments氣動壓力/真空手泵

氣動壓力/真空手泵Pneumatic Pressure/Vacuum Hand PumpsGenerate either a vacuum or a pressure for calibrating low pressure or vacuum instrumentation using an external pressure calibrator型號壓力范圍接口1壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭DPPV-00000-125PSI外螺紋Quick-test 出口, 沒有止回閥, 銅無無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPT氣動壓力/真空手泵帶壓力表接口Pneumatic Pressure/Vacuum Hand Pumps with Gauge ConnectionCreate pressure or vacuum and calibrate instrumentation using a pressure gauge or calibrator attached to the pump (gauge or calibrator not included)型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭DPPV-1MBA0-125PSI1/8"外螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDPPV-2MBA0-125PSI1/4"外螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDPPV-2FBA0-125PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTDPPV-2FBA-RG0-125PSI1/4"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPPDPPV-3FBA-RG0-125PSI3/8"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPPDPPV-4FBA-RG0-125PSI1/2"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPP氣動壓力/真空手泵校準套件Pneumatic Pressure/Vacuum Hand Pumps Full Calibration KitsKit consists of pressure and vacuum hand pump, compound pressure and vacuum gauge and all fittings required for calibration型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭DPPV-PM15PSIG-D0-15PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPT

Ralston 氣壓手泵

Ralston Instruments氣壓手泵Pneumatic Scissor Hand PumpsThe quickest and most economical way to perform pneumatic field calibrations on pressure transmitters, switches or gauges using an external pressure calibrator as the reference型號壓力范圍接口1壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭AP0V-00000-300PSI外螺紋Quick-test 出口 for APGV pumps無無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTRalston Instruments氣壓手泵帶壓力表接口Pneumatic Scissor Hand Pumps with Gauge ConnectionQuick and efficient pneumatic field testing of pressure transmitters, gauges or switches.型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭APGV-00000-300PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTAPGV-4GBW0-300PSI1/2"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPPRalston Instruments氣壓手泵校準套件Pneumatic Scissor Hand Pumps Full Calibration KitsCalibrate pressure instrumentation to 300 psi with air using the included pressure gauge型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭APGV-100PSIG-M0-100PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTAPGV-100PSIG-D0-100PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTAPGV-200PSIG-M0-20 PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTAPGV-200PSIG-D0-20 PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTAPGV-300PSIG-M0-300PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTAPGV-300PSIG-D0-300PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPT

Ralston Instruments液壓手泵

Ralston Instruments液壓手泵Hydraulic Hand PumpsSimple, fast field testing for connecting a calibrator to a process connection. Connect this directly between the equipment to be tested and a reference. No need for a "T" joint.型號壓力范圍接口1壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭HP0V-00000-3000PSI外螺紋Quick-test 出口 with check valve, 銅外螺紋Quick-test無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTXH0V-00000-5000PSI外螺紋Quick-test 出口 with cap and chain, 銅外螺紋Quick-test無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTRalston Instruments液壓手泵帶壓力表接口Hydraulic Hand Pumps with Gauge ConnectionPressure source and gauge in one hand. Directly connect to a process connection and calibrate using your precision gauge.型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭HPGV-00000-3000PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTHPGV-4GBW0-3000PSI1/2"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPPXHGV-00000-5000PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT無3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTXHGV-4GBW0-5000PSI1/2"內螺紋BSPP無1 m1/4"內螺紋BSPPRalston Instruments液壓手泵校準套件Hydraulic Hand Pumps Full Calibration KitsPressure source and gauge in one hand. Directly connect to a process connection and calibrate using your precision gauge.型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子管子接頭HPGV-1KPSIG-M0-1000PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTHPGV-1KPSIG-D0-1000PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTHPGV-3KPSIG-M0-3000PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTHPGV-3KPSIG-D0-3000PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTXHGV-5KPSIG-M0-5000PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPTXHGV-5KPSIG-D0-5000PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表3 ft1/4"外螺紋NPT

Ralston 氣體取樣泵

Ralston Instruments氣體取樣泵Gas Sampling PumpsRalston Instruments氣體取樣泵帶壓力表接口Gas Sampling Pumps with Gauge ConnectionThe SP0V gas sampling pump can pull low pressure gas from a well and boost it to 25 psi to pump it into a sample cylinder型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子1包含管子2管子接頭(2)SP0V-1MSA-6-30-100PSI1/8"外螺紋NPT無6 ft3 ft無SP0V-2FSA-6-30-100PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT無6 ft3 ft無SP0V-2MSA-6-30-100PSI1/4"外螺紋NPT無6 ft3 ft無Ralston Instruments氣體取樣泵校準套件Gas Sampling Pumps Full Calibration KitsThe SP0V gas sampling pump can pull low pressure gas from a well and boost it to 25 psi to pump it into a sample cylinder型號壓力范圍壓力表接口包含壓力表包含管子1包含管子2管子接頭 (2)SP0V-15PSIG-M0-15PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表6 ft3 ft無SP0V-15PSIG-D0-15PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表6 ft3 ft無SP0V-30PSIG-M0-30PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表6 ft3 ft無SP0V-30PSIG-D0-30PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表6 ft3 ft無SP0V-100PSIG-M0-100PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT模擬壓力表6 ft3 ft無SP0V-100PSIG-D0-100PSI1/4"內螺紋NPT數字壓力表6 ft3 ft無

Ralston Instruments 校準閥組

Ralston 校準閥組Ralston Instruments 校準閥組Ralston Instruments Calibration Manifolds Fine adjustment piston provides precise pressure control instead of trying to make adjustments with a pressure regulator and a needle valveSoft-seated valves make filling and venting the system very preciseCompact design allows the manifold, gauge adapter and hoses to fit in the included nylon bagLow volume Quick-test hose, gauge adapter and process connection reduce gas usage and make nitrogen cylinders last longerEach kit comes with the hoses and gauge or pressure calibrator adapter needed so that you can start calibrating within minutesMade in U.S.A.訂貨信息:QTCM-1MBA-20-2,鋁,銅,0-3000PSI,1/8"外螺紋NPT,無壓力表,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTCM-2MBA-20-2,鋁,銅,0-3000PSI,1/4"外螺紋NPT,無壓力表,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTCM-2FBA-20-2,鋁,銅,0-3000PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,無壓力表,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQSCM-1MSA-20-2,鋁,不銹鋼,0-5000PSI,1/8"外螺紋NPT,無壓力表,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQSCM-2MSA-20-2,鋁,不銹鋼,0-5000PSI,1/4"外螺紋NPT,無壓力表,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQSCM-2FSA-20-2,鋁,不銹鋼,0-5000PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,無壓力表,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTCM-1KPSIG-M,銅,0-1000PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,模擬壓力表,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTCM-1KPSIG-D,銅,0-1000PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,數字壓力表l,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTCM-3KPSIG-M,銅,0-3000PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,模擬壓力表,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTCM-3KPSIG-D,銅,0-3000PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,數字壓力表l,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQSCM-5KPSIG-M,不銹鋼,0-5000PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,模擬壓力表,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQSCM-5KPSIG-D,不銹鋼,0-5000PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,數字壓力表l,20 ft,2 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPT

Ralston Instruments 體積控制器

Ralston Instruments 體積控制器 Volume ControllersPerform both ultra-precise low pressure differential or high pressure static pressure calibrations with nitrogen using the same device with an external pressure calibratorProprietary pressure balanced fine adjustment piston allows for extremely precise, finger-tip control of pressure at 0.03 psi (2 mbar) or 3000 psi (210 bar) or any range in between.Fine adjust piston, fill, balance and vent valves are in one light weight, compact unitIncludes handle, Quick-test System? outlet connections, hoses and adaptersLow volume Quick-test hose, gauge adapter and process connection can be attached to QTVC without thread sealant or a wrenchSoft-seated valves make filling and venting the system very preciseIncluded stand for laboratory or table top use (QTVC-LKIT)Optional padded strap for field use (NPAK-STRP)Made in U.S.A.訂貨信息:QTVC-0000-0-0,0-3000PSIQTVC-1MBA-6-3,0-3000PSI,1/8"外螺紋NPT,無壓力表,6 ft, 3 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTVC-2MBA-6-3,0-3000PSI,1/4"外螺紋NPT,無壓力表,6 ft, 3 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTVC-2FBA-6-3,0-3000PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,無壓力表,6 ft, 3 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTVC-2FBA-RG-2m-1m,0-3000PSI,1/4"內螺紋BSPP,無壓力表,2 m, 1 m,1/4"內螺紋BSPPQTVC-3FBA-RG-2m-1m,0-3000PSI,3/8"內螺紋BSPP,無壓力表,2 m, 1 m,1/4"內螺紋BSPPQTVC-4FBA-RG-2m-1m,0-3000PSI,1/2"內螺紋BSPP,無壓力表,2 m, 1 m,1/4"內螺紋BSPPQTVC-1KPSIG-M,0 - 1000 PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,模擬壓力表,6 ft, 3 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTVC-1KPSIG-D,0 - 1000 PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,數字壓力表,6 ft, 3 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTVC-3KPSIG-M,0-3000PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,模擬壓力表,6 ft, 3 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPTQTVC-3KPSIG-D,0-3000PSI,1/4"內螺紋NPT,數字壓力表,6 ft, 3 ft,1/4"外螺紋NPT

Ralston Instruments 氮校準源

Ralston Instruments 氮校準源 Nitrogen Calibration Sources?專有壓力平衡微調活塞允許極其精確,指尖0.03磅(2毫巴)或3000磅(210條),或在之間的任何范圍內的壓力控制。?輕松充裝氮氣瓶適用于多次校準氣量足?尼龍袋有軟管及接頭附蓋內?包括壓力參考測試表在控制面板儲物箱?低容量快速測試管,壓力表轉接頭和過程連接可以連接到NPAK?CE認證訂貨信息:NPAK-1MBA-6-3氮校準源,0-3000PSI,1/8"Male NPT,無壓力表,6ft, 3ft,1/4" Male NPTNPAK-2MBA-6-3氮校準源,0-3000PSI,1/4"Male NPT,無壓力表,6ft, 3ft,1/4" Male NPTNPAK-2FBA-6-3氮校準源,0-3000PSI,1/4"Female NPT,無壓力表,6ft, 3ft,1/4" Male NPTNPAK-2FBA-RG-2m-1m氮校準源,0-3000PSI,1/4"Female BSPP,無壓力表,2m, 1m,1/4" Female BSPPNPAK-3FBA-RG-2m-1m氮校準源,0-3000PSI,3/8"Female BSPP,無壓力表,2m, 1m,1/4" Female BSPPNPAK-4FBA-RG-2m-1m氮校準源,0-3000PSI,1/2"Female BSPP,無壓力表,2m, 1m,1/4" Female BSPPNPAK-1KPSIG-M氮校準源套件,0-1000 PSI,1/4" Female NPT,模擬壓力表,6ft, 3ft,1/4" Male NPTNPAK-1KPSIG-D氮校準源套件, 0-1000 PSI,1/4" Female NPT,數字壓力表,6ft, 3ft,1/4" Male NPTNPAK-3KPSIG-M氮校準源套件, 0-3000 PSI,1/4" Female NPT,模擬壓力表,6ft, 3ft,1/4" Male NPTNPAK-3KPSIG-D氮校準源套件, 0-3000 PSI,1/4" Female NPT,數字壓力表,6ft, 3ft,1/4" Male NPT

Ralston 調壓閥

Ralston 調壓閥活塞感測到壓力減少了用于穩壓器提供穩定的壓力,以精密壓力控制裝置。出口壓力可達3000磅(210巴)非常適合試驗臺和試驗臺一個優秀的配件為Ralston的儀器容量控制器,Nitropaks和校準總管美國制造XREG-3KPSIG,氣動壓力調壓閥 (3000 psi / 210 bar)輸出, 1/4" FNPT接口,鋁,不銹鋼XREG-KIT0,3000 PSI調壓閥, 2個壓力表, CGA 580入口連接, 外螺紋Quick-test出口連接,鋁,不銹鋼

Ralston 數字壓力表

Ralston數字壓力表美國Ralston儀器數字壓力表易于讀取數字顯示消除了不確定性猜測指針所在的地方±0.25%滿量程316不銹鋼接液部件2500小時電池壽命擠壓鋁制外殼,聚碳酸酯蓋1/4“NPT外螺紋下端安裝訂貨信息:GAUD-30HG,0-30 Inch Hg Vacuum, 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-PM0015PSIG,+/-15 psig Pressure / Vacuum 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-85INH20,0-85 Inch H20 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-140INH20,0-140 Inch H20 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-0003,0-3 psig 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-0015,0-15 psig 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-0030,0-30 psig 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-0100,0-100 psig 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-0200,0-200 psig 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-0300,0-300 psig 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-0500,0-500 psig 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-1000,0-1000 psig 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-3000,0-3000 psig 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-5000,0-5000 psig 數字壓力表(±0.25%滿量程精度),ABS塑料,鋁, 不銹鋼GAUD-NIST,NIST Traceable calibration of digital test gauge,None

Ralston FieldLab 壓力參考表

Ralston FieldLab 壓力參考表 Pressure References產品特點:?讀數精度為0.1% - 完全溫度從-10到50攝氏度補償?測試模式可以在電腦上創建,并與FieldLab同步對任何類型的壓力測試?數據記錄高達200萬個數據點?數據記錄,當你按下一個按鈕 - 理想的壓力校準?大型彩色半透LCD顯示屏(容易在陽光下閱讀)?可充電鋰離子電池?通過AC電源或DC(自動)電源供電?1級,1組A-D T4本質安全(美國和加拿大)?I級,0區AEX IA IIC T4本質安全(美國和加拿大)?ATEX:II1個G防爆保險業監督IIC嘎-10°C <TA <50℃IP67(歐洲)?IECEx認證:防爆保險業監督IIC T4嘎-10°C <TA <50℃IP67?需要使用Windows7或更高版本操作系統的PC,從FieldLab平臺得到**程度的功能FLP1-GD-2B FieldLab 壓力表 , 15 psi / 1 bar / 100 kPa, 1/4" 外螺紋BSPP底部安裝,316不銹鋼,聚酰胺FLP1-GD-QM FieldLab 壓力表, 15 psi / 1 bar / 100 kPa, 外螺紋Quick-test底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GF-2B FieldLab 壓力表, 30 psi / 2 bar / 200 kPa, 1/4" 外螺紋BSPP底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GF-QM FieldLab 壓力表, 30 psi / 2 bar / 200 kPa, 外螺紋Quick-test底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GH-2B FieldLab 壓力表, 50 psi / 3.5 bar / 350 kPa, 1/4" 外螺紋BSPP底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GH-QM FieldLab 壓力表, 50 psi / 3.5 bar / 350 kPa, 外螺紋Quick-test底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GJ-2B FieldLab 壓力表, 100 psi / 7 bar / 700 kPa, 1/4" 外螺紋BSPP底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GJ-QM FieldLab 壓力表, 100 psi / 7 bar / 700 kPa, 外螺紋Quick-test底部安裝,FLP1-GL-2B FieldLab 壓力表, 300 psi / 20 bar / 2 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋BSPP底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GL-QM FieldLab 壓力表, 300 psi / 20 bar / 2 MPa, 外螺紋Quick-test底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GN-2B FieldLab 壓力表, 500 psi / 35 bar / 3.5 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋BSPP底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GN-QM FieldLab 壓力表, 500 psi / 35 bar / 3.5 MPa, 外螺紋Quick-test底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GP-2B FieldLab 壓力表, 1000 psi / 70 bar / 7 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋BSPP底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GP-QM FieldLab 壓力表, 1000 psi / 70 bar / 7 MPa, 外螺紋Quick-test底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GR-2B FieldLab 壓力表, 3000 psi / 200 bar / 20 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋BSPP底部安裝,NoneFLP1-GR-QM FieldLab 壓力表, 3000 psi / 200 bar / 20 MPa, 外螺紋Quick-test底部安裝,NoneFLP1-GT-2B FieldLab 壓力表, 5000 psi / 350 bar / 35 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋BSPP底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GT-QM FieldLab 壓力表, 5000 psi / 350 bar / 35 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋Quick-test底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GV-2B FieldLab 壓力表, 10,000 psi / 700 bar / 70 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋BSPP底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GV-XM FieldLab 壓力表, 10,000 psi / 700 bar / 70 MPa, 外螺紋Quick-test XT底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GB-2M FieldLab 壓力表, 5 psi / 350 mbar / 35 kPa, 1/4" 外螺紋NPT底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GD-2M FieldLab 壓力表, 15 psi / 1 bar / 100 kPa, 1/4" 外螺紋NPT底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GF-2M FieldLab 壓力表, 30 psi / 2 bar / 200 kPa, 1/4" 外螺紋NPT底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GH-2M FieldLab 壓力表, 50 psi / 3.5 bar / 350 kPa, 1/4" 外螺紋NPT底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GJ-2M FieldLab 壓力表, 100 psi / 7 bar / 700 kPa, 1/4" 外螺紋NPT底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GL-2M FieldLab 壓力表, 300 psi / 20 bar / 2 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋NPT底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GN-2M FieldLab 壓力表, 500 psi / 35 bar / 3.5 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋NPT底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GP-2M FieldLab 壓力表, 1000 psi / 70 bar / 7 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋NPT底部安裝,316不銹鋼,聚酰胺FLP1-GR-2M FieldLab 壓力表, 3000 psi / 200 bar / 20 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋NPT底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺FLP1-GT-2M FieldLab 壓力表, 5000 psi / 350 bar / 35 MPa, 1/4" 外螺紋NPT底部安裝,316不銹鋼, 聚酰胺

Martel BetaGauge PI-PRO參考級數字壓力表

Martel BetaGauge PI-PRO參考級數字壓力表

BetaGauge PI PRO數字壓力計

BetaGauge PI PRO數字壓力計精度:±0.05% of F.S.訂貨信息:量程                        傳感器類型 表壓  后部安裝    24VDC供電 后部+24VDC 套裝-10…+10" WC/ 0.4 psi/25 mbar Non-isolated 1919996  Inquire Inquire  Inquire NA-30...+30" WC(1 psi/7 mbar) Non-isolated 1919402  1919458 1919459  1919460 NA0...15 psi/0…1 bar        Isolated 1919157  1919164 1919203  1919211 1919219*0…30 psi/0... 2 bar        Isolated 1919158  1919165 1919204  1919212 1919220*-15…15 psi/-1…1 bar        Non-isolated 1919445  1919446 1919447  1919450 1919452*-15…30 psi/-1…2 bar        Non-isolated 1919381          1919382 1919448  1919442 1919400*-12…100 psi/-0.8…7 bar Isolated 1919159  1919196 1919205  1919213 1919221*-12…300 psi/-0.8…7 bar Isolated 1919303  1919355 1919449  1919398 1919453*-12…500 psi/-0.8…35 bar Isolated 1919160  1919197 1919206  1919214 1919222*0…1000 psi/0…70 bar        Isolated 1919178  1919198 1919207  1919215 1919223*0…2000 psi/0…140 bar        Isolated 1919304  1919305 1919456  1919451 1919454*0…3000 psi/0…200 bar        Isolated 1919161  1919199 1919208  1919216 1919224**0…5000 psi/0…350 bar        Isolated 1919162  1919200 1919209  1919217 1919434**0…10000 psi/0…700 bar        Isolated 1919163  1919201 1919210  1919218 1919435**15 psia/1 bar(a)        Isolated 1919684  Inquire Inquire  1919777 Inquire30 psia/2 bar(a)        Isolated 1919685  Inquire Inquire  Inquire Inquire100 psia/7 bar(a)        Isolated 1919686  Inquire Inquire  Inquire Inquire300 psia/20 bar(a)        Isolated 1919687  Inquire Inquire  Inquire Inquire

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